Mission Statement

We are dedicated to keeping all military women, past and present, informed while staying connected with other women veterans to preserve our common history.


To encourage patriotism, loyalty and devotion to God, country and family; for each member to help one another and her community , state and nation; and for each member to be of actual assistance; and to keep up each other’s morale.


Salt River Military Women (SRMW) is organized as a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan corporation of military women who served and/or are serving honorably in the United States Armed Forces.


To encourage patriotism, loyalty to God, country and family; perpetuate the honorable history of women in military service; strive to support morale and give assistance to all women veterans in need; seek opportunity for locating, communicating and associating with military women in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area; and a medium of exchange between SRMW and other MWAN units, and support other veterans organizations in community service.



MWAN / Salt River Military Women Membership

Regular membership shall be open to women who have served and/or are serving honorably in the regular or reserve components of the United States Armed Forces including the National Guard and Maritime Services, who can show proof of honorable service.

There are several types of membership:

  1. Regular Members are members who have met the qualification standards in previous paragraph. Regular members can be active participants of a unit in their area OR a Member-At-Large (MAL)
  2. Associate members are women who are: Women veterans of allied or coalition forces who are not eligible for MWAN membership, but who may attend the MWAN Biennial Convention. OR A member of another MWAN unit.
  3. Honorary Member (National level) may be extended to any individual or organization who has exhibited outstanding and meritorious assistance in areas of prime concern to MWAN. Approval from the National Executive Committee of MWAN is required.
  4. Unit Honorary Member may be extended to an individual who regularly attends unit meetings, participates in unit events, and volunteers for veteran and community non-profit associations or organizations. Approval from the unit board of directors is required.

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